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  • Attention graduated adults

    Free courses: Communications 11/12, English 11/12, Biology 11/12, Calculus 12, Math 11/12 PreCalculus, Math 11 Foundations, Math 11 Apprenticeship and Workplace, Chemistry 11/12 and Physics 11/12.

  • 2013 - 2014 Enrollment

    Enroll online any time, Call 604.592.4263 for more details.

  • Online Registration !

    3 Easy steps !

  • Surrey Connect Parent Advisory Council and School Planning Council:

    Parents/Guardians interested in serving on a parent council for 2013-2014 are invited to contact Mr. Johnston at 604-592-4263.

  • Completing assignments !

    Engage in a minimum level of activity in your courses each week. Please note inactive students will be withdrwan from their course(s).

  • Transcripts !

    If you require a transcript for University or College admission, please go to BC Ministry of Education Website to order.

  • Surrey Connect News Blog

    Surrey Connect News Blog

  • Report Cards !

    Report cards available in Oct, Jan, Apr and June - please email the office with the following information: Last & First Name, ID #, Course & Teacher if you would like this report to be emailed to parent/guardian".

  • WebCT is now closed !

    All courses are now in BlackBoard.

  • Free Wireless access at Surrey Connect !

    Documentation can be found under "Other Links" on our Home Page.

  • Connect with the Principal Peter Johnston

    Every Tuesday evening at 5:00pm Mr. Johnston will be available to review our Learning Management System – BlackBoard 9.1 and/or discuss current issues related to Surrey Connect.

  • BlackBoard Mobile Learn !

    Download "Mobile Learn" App and work on your course from your phone/ iPad.

  • "BYOD" !

    Bring Your Own Device to Surrey Connect. Free Wi-Fi available.

  • Wired Safety: Stop Cyberbullying!

    Stop Cyberbullying !

  • Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network!

    Eliminating Violence Network

  • TextBook return !

    TextBooks are due immediately after completion of a course.

  • Blended Learning !

    Visit Surrey Connect for teacher Tutorial support.

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