English Literature 12 


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Course Description

Prerequisite: English Literature 11 or English 11

English Literature 12 is a Cool School course, delivered by BlackBoard.  The aim of the course is to enhance student literacy and comprehensive knowledge of British literature.  Every Module includes paragraph and essay literature responses and Module Tests.  The selections in the course are organized chronologically to present the literature in a historical context.

The course is divided into Modules and Units:

  • Module One:  The Middle Ages
  • Unit 1:  The Anglo-Saxon Period
  • Unit 2:  The Medieval Period
  • Module Two:  The Renaissance
  • Unit 3:  The Elizabethan Age
  • Unit 4:  Shakespearean Drama
  • Unit 5:  The Jacobean Era
  • Unit 6:  The Puritan Age
  • Module Three:  The Restoration & Eighteenth Century
  • Unit 7:  The Restoration
  • Unit 8:  The Age of Pope
  • Unit 9:  The Age of Johnson
  • Module Four:  The Nineteenth Century
  • Unit 10:  The Romantic Age
  • Unit 11:  The Victorian Age
  • Module Five:  The Modern Age
  • Unit 12:  The Early Twentieth Century
  • Unit 13:  The Later Twentieth Century
  • Module Six:  The Novel Study
  • Unit 15:  The English Novel: student choice from a list of classical novels selected for this course.

Substantive Assignment

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