Independent Directed Studies 12 (IDS) 


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Course Description

What's IDS?
Independent Directed Studies allow a student, under the supervision of a teacher (counsellor), to initiate, develop and complete their own area of learning based on the Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLO's) of a Ministry-Developed or Board/Authority Authorized Grade 10, 11 or 12 elective course.

• Students pursue one or more of the PLO's for a given course for 1, 2, 3 or 4 credits.
• The number of PLO's studied is up to the student and will vary in depth accordingly. The fewer  the number of PLO's undertaken,the greater the depth of study while the greater number of PLO's studied, the more broad the learning may be.
• There is no limit to the total number of IDS credits a student may earn.
• Grade 12 IDS credits may count towards the minimum of 16 Grade 12 credits required for graduation.
• IDS credits allow for recognition of learning in an elective course a student may not have previously completed.

Who is this for?
- maybe you have an all encompassing interest in one specific topic;
- maybe you're in between semesters and find that you have to change schools without
         receiving credit for elective courses;
- maybe you're involved in a provincial level team sport; or
- maybe you are taking Conservatory music or dance lessons.

The scenarios are endless, but IDS may be for you!

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